We are able to provide a wide range of insurance & takaful solutions with the aim of providing comprehensive insurance coverage and protection for individual, family members and their assets.

Our team of dedicated staff will identify, assess the risks and provide risks transfer solutions in the form of insurance and takaful products that suit to your needs. Currently, KOPETRO represent the following insurance & takaful principals:
  • Etiqa Insurance Berhad
  • Etiqa Takaful Berhad
  • Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad
  • AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad

There are probably only 3 times when you think about insurance & takaful coverage: when you renew your motor insurance and if you ever need to make a claim. The third time is when you curse yourself for not buying or having an insurance & takaful coverage when misfortune befall on you.

At KOPETRO, we will assist you to secure the best affordable insurance & takaful coverage with our Principals. We ensure that you will get the appropriate cover for your specific needs. After all, the reason for KOPETRO establishment is to provide assistance to its members based on cooperative values and principles.

Any profit that we derive from the insurance business will be consolidated into the cooperative financial account and return to its members in the form of approved dividend.


KOPETRO was established back in 1980 for the sole purpose to provide assistance to its members based on cooperative values and principles.

The insurance unit is here to assist KOPETRO's member to secure the appropriate insurance & takaful coverage at an affordable premium for their specific needs.

Throughout the years, KOPETRO had achieved several milestones awards being among the top agency with our Principals. Through our group takaful program for its members, many families benefited from the takaful policy when their breadwinner passed away unexpectedly.


  • Easy payment mode, monthly salary deduction for group life & takaful program
  • Easy payment plan for insurance & takaful renewal
  • Hassle free No Claim Discount (NCD) transfer for insurance & takaful renewal
  • Renewal of Road Tax with original registration card
  • Free Auto Assist for comprehensive motor insurance